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Unleash the Rockstar

”Unleash the Rockstar’s mission is to deliver the best in Music Education in the UK and around the World.  This Education is to enable and  empower children and adults to realise their full artistic potential  and make a difference in the world”.
Debbie Leigh Driver, Founder.

Why Choose US ?

1. We only have Music Educators that WANT to teach
Learning music is a long and winding road and we only want you to have the best in Music Educators that offer high quality education and that really have a passion for teaching young starters live their Dreams.

2. Originality, Creativity and Confidence
We encourage you to think outside the box, We encourage and support all your musical artistic ideas. We see genius in you, we see the ones that will shape the world.

3. Succeed and move on up
We prepare you for further Music Education leaders like ‘Access to Music’ to name a few, where you can gain further experience in the music industry.