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Busy Recording Swans and Other News

Hey Everyone , I'm currently in studio putting the final touches on my latest album SWANS, Its really exciting and I can't wait for everyone to hear it . I'll we be performing this summer , as soon as I have Dates on all my GIGs I'll make them available on the website , so please be sure to check back soon.


2009 Changing times Photo shoots and Magazines


The first album - PARANOID RAGE By DRIVER After 2 more bands DRIVER decided to go it alone, spent over £8000, and recorded - PARANOID RAGE. New band members where: Lisa Marie - Bass Steve Sperring - Drums Tic Tac Tom - 2nd Guitar/lead


PARANOID RAGE' DAYS / ACCESS TO MUSIC DRIVER had been writing and performing at open mics around London before going to Access to Music, where she put the band together and called it PARANOID RAGE - (Now album title) Band members were: Ser - drums, Rob- guitar and Hector - bass. Rare pictures are from Carling bar Academy, Cargo and Stratford Circus 2005. "Driver is a uniquely driven artist, spearheading a new era of strong female fronted rock and rollers.. A maverick, controversial and ultimately unforgettable. "Luke Hannam- Head of Access to Music 2005 Also award Musician of the [...]